“The Classics” line is the first delivery of many following the standard and timeless pieces by OPT. The inspiration for this collection was taken from the first ever collection OPT dropped, as it is taking the same design, and after so long bringing it back to the Classics line. This collection has been worked on for many months, incorporating new materials for our new pieces for OPT such as corduroy for our work jacket and materials for the new double knee pants.

This collection features five pieces including two new products designed and made by OPT. With the setting tones of olive green, white, yellow, black, and red, “Classics” line offers the all new work-heart jacket, work-heart double knee pants, white and black t-shirt, and one black cap. With the classic OPT logo on the front hit, and the iconic plus on the back.

The classic is naturally what OPT is about. This is the trend that will never die.





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